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AHP 80 High Pressure Pump

  • AHP 80

  • 112 l/min

  • 1800

  • 160 Bar

  • G1 1/2, G1 1/4

  • AISI 304 Stainless Steel



AHP High-Pressure water pumps are specifically designed for firefighting on tap water. Five pump sizes with displacements from 10 to 212 cm³/rev are available providing flow in the range from 13-293 l/min. (3.38-76.18 GPM). The axial piston principle provides very high efficiency, small and compact design and long service life. High pressure pumps AWS HYDRO supplied are water lubricated and do not involve any other lubricant making this unique pump maintenance free over its entire service life.


✔ Maintenance free due to water lubrication and direct drive (no belt or gearbox)

✔ High efficiency compared to any other pump on the market

✔ Small, compact and light design

✔ Small pulsation, no need for pulsation dampeners

✔ Wide speed control range

✔ Stainless steel design AISI 304.

✔ Usually driven by an electric motor with coupling between pump and motor.

Application Possible:

• ship engine room fire suppression system

• historic buildings fire suppression system

• Fire Protection for the Warehouse Distribution Center Industry

• Fire protection systems for DATA Center Safety


Detailed Information

NameAHP 80 high pressure water pump
Stock StatusUsually Ships in 4 to 6 Weeks
Country of OriginChina
Email For PriceYES
Working noise (1m distance) dB<80
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How to extend the service life of the pump, maintain its pumping stability, and avoid particle wear on the pump?

In order to prolong the service life of the pump and maintain its pumping stability, please make sure that the working conditions of the medium are consistent with the required working conditions. In order to avoid particle wear to the pump, we strongly recommend that you install an appropriate filter in front of the pump (the main filter must have a filtration efficiency of 99.98% for particles above 10μm).

How to avoid cavitation and dry rotation?

To avoid cavitation and dry running, it is recommended that you install a low-pressure protection switch before the pump inlet. Please refer to the parameter table in the technical specifications of the high-pressure pump for the minimum inlet pressure of different types of pumps. Please go to AHP 50~100.

What are the requirements for the frequency converter?

Frequency converter requirements: If the pump needs to be equipped with a frequency converter, the frequency converter must be a heavy-duty constant torque, and the starting mode is constant torque starting. (Please pay attention to the selection of the frequency converter. The frequency converter for water pump fan is not constant torque, and may not be able to drive the positive displacement water pump. For example, the AC510 of ABB frequency converter cannot drive the AHP high pressure pump. The same is true for other brands of frequency converters. Please pay attention to the inverter manufacturer communicates and selects).

What do we need to pay attention to in the use of high-pressure pumps?

Please pay attention to the continuous inlet pressure, maximum peak inlet pressure, maximum continuous outlet pressure, and minimum outlet pressure operating ranges of different types of pumps; please ensure that the pressure during operation of the pump does not exceed the range required by the specification.

What to pay attention to when installing this series of high-pressure pumps?

"I" represents the inlet of the high-pressure pump, and "O" represents the outlet of the high-pressure pump.

During installation, the coupling installation clearance between the high-pressure pump and the motor must be at least 3-5mm.

The figure below shows how to connect the motor to the high-pressure pump


What should be paid attention to when starting and debugging the high-pressure pump?

Before starting the pump, it is recommended that you thoroughly flush the pipeline and system to remove any residues or foreign objects that may exist;

Before starting the pump, it is strongly recommended that you exhaust the air in the pump and the system;

Test whether the direction of the high-pressure pump is consistent with the arrow mark on the pump.

Which operating environment AHP series axial piston pump is not suitable?

The AHP series axial piston pump must not be used in sewage or other water containing particles.

Under what circumstances does this series of pumps need to be stopped or overhauled?

If abnormal noise and vibration occur when the pump is running, please stop the piston pump immediately and perform maintenance on the piston pump.

How to use the high-pressure pump correctly?

It is forbidden to start the piston pump with the back-end valve closed, otherwise it may cause the safety valve to work, or even the pipeline burst.

Which connection method is used to connect the high-pressure hose?

It is recommended that the outlet of the AHP series axial piston pump adopt a flexible connection method of high-pressure hose.