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AWS-HYDRO can help engineering companies and dealers drive more profit and gain a competitive edge.

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High Pressure Pump Experts


★ AWS HYDRO is a trusted and reliable supplier in China of high pressure water pumps on the axial piston principle. Today, the facilities encompass all aspects of the manufacturing process. From engineering and cutting raw materials to machining, welding, coating and testing to the finished product, we are uncompromising in our dedication to provide high quality competitively priced high pressure water pumps and accessories to the world market. So, we roll up our sleeves and dig in.

Who We Serve:

★ We work with customers and partners to commit to dealing with water and waste pollution, building excellent living environments, providing better water resources and energy conservation. All high-pressure water pumps for sale are used in the field of reverse osmosis waste water treatment, seawater and brackish water desalination, high pressure water mist, high pressure jetting cleaning.