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Parts Lookup

We built a reputation for superior reliability by manufacturing carefully-engineered, high-quality high-pressure pumps that will last for years. But even the best equipment requires preventative maintenance and spare parts.

Regardless of the pump specifications, the factory has spare parts. The warranty period of each pump is 12 months. For example: during the warranty period, if the pump piston is broken, the new one replaced by the factory is still warranted for 12 months, but it has a prerequisite: the entire pump must be delivered back to the factory for the complete pump test, for after the test, according to the corresponding test report, if we find that the piston problem is caused by other parts of the pump (say: the bushing gap is already large, while if the gap is large, the movable space will increase when the high pressure is applied), we will recommend the replacement of other damaged parts, if not replaced, we will not warranty the new piston for 12 months.

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