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The questions that you may generally ask.

  • Q How can I get your samples?

    A Leave us a message along with your name and email so we can discuss what type of samples would suit your project the best. Our highly trained professionals are willing to cater and share knowledge with our consumers with regard to the best high pressure water pump options that they can choose from. 
  • Q Who do I contact if I suspect a warranty issue?

    A Please contact the original source for whom you purchased the pump from.

  • Q Is the warranty voided if I disassemble the pump?

    A If the customer disassembles the pump by himself during the warranty period, the warranty will be invalid.

  • Q What are the benefits of the high pressure water pump?

    A The efficiency of the high-pressure piston pump with this structure is the highest among all pumps, so it saves energy and consumes less electricity. In terms of operating costs, these pumps also have huge advantages. In many cases, one pump investment can be saved a year.

  • Q Can you offer packing designs as per customers' requests?

    A It depends. Pls go to R&D and innovation page for more.

  • Q What is the average production time?

    A The normal delivery time is 4~6 weeks. If the customer is particularly anxious, the factory can also help solve it with 3 to 4 weeks; The exact time depends on your quantity.

  • Q Can you provide accessories of the high pressure water pump?

    A Yes, check valve, also called one-way valve, DHP high pressure pump must be equipped. AHP, BHP high pressure pump should be equipped with safety valves, and the material of the valve body is the same as the material of the water pump casing. All three series of high pressure axial piston pumps (AHP\BHP\DHP) must use high-pressure hoses, and their material requirements are consistent with the material of the water pump casing.
  • Q What's your MOQ?

    A Regardless of the series, the MOQ of AHP, BHP, DHP is 1 each.

  • Q What is your guarantee for the high pressure water pump?

    A Please go to guarantee page for more detail.