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Waste Water Treatment Pump HPC16-21

Waste water treatment pump HPC16-21 are completely oil-free clean systems, with water as the only cooling and lubricant, eliminating potential cross-contamination between lubricating oil and water. It belongs to the series of 16-21 high pressure pumps for waste water. 
  • HPC16-21

  • 266.66 LPM ~ 364.83 LPM

  • 700 rpm

  • 1500 rpm

  • 70 Bar

  • As your requirements

  • Duplex / Super Duplex Stainless Steel


Water supply conditions

Waste water treatment pump HPC16-21 are designed for two ports and are mainly used in pump group systems. The pump is not designed to suck water, and the inlet pressure must always be positive. If this cannot be guaranteed, it will cause permanent failure of the pump.

The simplest method is to remove the inlet pipe of the pump and measure the flow. When the liquid level of the water tank is at the lowest value, the water supply flow must be 20% larger than the delivery flow of the pump to ensure that the inlet always maintains positive pressure when the pump is running.

Do not install a filter between the pump and the water tank with direct water supply, unless a pressure switch is installed on the inlet pipe to ensure that the inlet of the pump is not affected by negative pressure;

mwater high pressure pump inlet pressure

Electric pump set

Use a standard bell housing and coupling for connecting the pump to the B5 motor flange. The pump must not be operated with axial or radial loads on the output shaft; gear couplings are used whenever possible.


Waste water treatment pump HPC16-21 are used between 2°C and 50°C to achieve full performance. For temperatures below freezing, environmentally friendly antifreeze is required; those above 50°C are also possible, but the volumetric efficiency of the pump will be affected and the maximum operating temperature must be specified before ordering.


All water entering the pump must be pre-filtered to a nominal rating of 10um (absolute value of 25um).

For closed loop systems, backflow filtration is possible. High-pressure filtration can also be used, but we think this is a more expensive option.


The standard product works well on drinking water and industrial water (I. e. distilled water, reverse osmosis water, or demineralized water). Depending on the operating environment, changes to the sealing material or structure may be required.

Standard construction can be used on seawater, however, due to the increased corrosion potential of the liquid, the longer-term operation may require higher-quality material construction.


Detailed Information

Name Waste Water Treatment Pump HPC16-21
Stock Status Inventory, and Usually Ships in 4 Weeks
Weight 75KG
Country of Origin China
Email For Price YES
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Installation size parameters

Models covering: 

Waste Water Treatment Pump HPC16-21

Flat key size 12*8*70 (DIN6885)
Vent Port Bolt (Bleed) G1/4"*4
T Port (Inlet Port) M52*1.5; depth 22mm (T Port)
Pressure Port (Outlet Port) M52*1.5; depth 22mm (P Port)
Earth Connection
M8; depth 8mm
Thermal Sensor M6; depth 8mm

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