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Nine Piston High Pressure Pump VS Three Piston High Pressure Pump

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① From a clean and environmentally friendly perspective:

All friction pairs of the high pressure water pump with 9 pistons inside are lubricated by water and do not contain a drop of lubricating oil, which is clean and environmentally friendly, while the traditional triplex piston pump is a main shaft drive mechanism, which uses oil lubrication. The oil temperature is high. After leakage, it is easy to cause environmental pollution and difficult to maintain.

② From the perspective of high efficiency and energy saving:

The total efficiency of the traditional triplex piston pump is less than 80%, and the efficiency of the high pressure hydraulic piston pump exceeds 90%. Therefore, it is more energy-efficient and efficient.

③ Compare the size:

The 9-piston pump is small in size, light in weight, and high in speed. Its volume and weight are less than one-third of the traditional triplex piston pump; the high pressure water pump with 9 pistons has a small installation space and is easy to maintain.

④ Compare in terms of noise:

The noise of the traditional triplex piston pump exceeds 90dB(A), while the noise of the small hydraulic piston pump does not exceed 78dB(A).

⑤ Compare from the installation aspect:

The triplex piston pump is horizontal, the 9-piston pump is vertical, and the 9-piston pump can be horizontal and vertical. The triplex piston pump can only be installed horizontally and covers a large area; while the 9-piston pump is easy to install and has a relatively small area.

Application occasions in the triplex piston pump will be more extensive, because it is more resistant to particles and the price is relatively cheap, and there is no requirement for the lubrication of the medium itself; however, our high pressure axial piston pump adopts multi piston structure (9 pistons), the output flow is more stable, and our pump series have competitive price based on the mass production advantage. Moreover, our high pressure water pump with 9 pistons is a new type of axial piston pump made of new materials invented and manufactured by the United Kingdom, which realizes the use of overflow liquid as the lubricating medium, thereby eliminating the lubrication mailbox of the traditional piston pump and avoiding Leakage contamination of overflow liquid.

Our Advantage Performance:

1. Compact structure:

Compared with other types of high pressure water pumps with the same flow and pressure, it has a smaller volume and a lighter weight;

2. Easy to install:

it can be directly installed on the motor or internal combustion engine, especially suitable for installation places that are sensitive to the space requirements of the site;

3. High pressure:

working pressure can reach up to 16Mpa, peak pressure can reach 22Mpa;

4. Small pulse and low noise:

Because its structure is a multi piston pump, its working pulse is much smaller than other types of pumps on the market. The more pistons, the smaller the pulse, the more consistent the work and the lower the noise;

5. Long service life:

The materials used are all super wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant stainless steel and engineering plastics, so the service life of the product can reach more than 5000 hours;

6. Application:

Widely used in hydraulic equipment, firefighting, seawater desalination, dust removal and humidification, high pressure cleaning and other fields.

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