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Multistage Ring Section Pump MD/ME/MDV

50Hz Operating Data
Discharge Nozzle DN: From 32 to 200
Operating Pressure: up to 100 bar
The data above is based on 50Hz
Special design, temperature up to 150℃
  • 460 m3/h

  • 900 m

  • Centrifugal Pump

  • up to 90℃



Main Applications for multistage ring section pump MD/ME/MDV

The MD/ME/MDV is a configured, ring section, multistage pump specifically designed for high pressure membrane feed service in Zero Liquid Discharge of concentrated salt and seawater reverse osmosis applications. It is also used for any other high pressure application with clean liquids.

It is mainly used in the following applications:

  • Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO)

  • Zero Liquid Discharge of concentrated salt water

  • Boiler Feed Water

  • Clean Water Pumping Stations

  • Any other high pressure application for cleaning liquids

Features and Benefits for multistage ring section pump MD/ME/MDV

Multistage Ring Section Pump MD/ME/MDV Multistage Ring Section Pump MD/ME/MDV


adopts segmental radial section structure, larger inlet and outlet, optimized inlet flow, low noise level. Higher allowable nozzle force and torque; Radial fully symmetrical hydraulic design to minimize radial force, improve efficiency and prolong the effective life of the rotor and other parts;


Suction and Discharge

MD multistage ring section pump, its suction and discharge can be set on the side or top according to the needs of the user's piping, including the typical side inlet and outlet configuration;

MDV multistage ring section pump, its suction and discharge can be relative position every 90°;

ME multistage ring section pump, its suction is end suction, and the discharge can be on the side or top.

The drive ends of MD/ME multistage ring section pump use radial suction and discharge flanges to ensure that no disassembly pipe is required for maintenance of mechanical seals and bearings

Stage Casing and Diffuser

the one body design and manufacturing of the stage casing and diffuser reduces the mating surface, so as to improve the precision of coordination, and the stability of operation and to extend the life.


superior hydraulic efficiency and high energy saving


the bigger shaft has the minimum deviation under the maximum heavy load to ensure the running parts on the shaft work well; The pumps run more stably, bearings and mechanical seals last longer, reducing maintenance and repair costs

Bearing House

the larger bearing chamber is lubricated with dilute oil and can also be lubricated with grease

Axial Force

the balanced axial force of the balancing drum is adopted

Shaft Seal

mechanical seal for hexadecimal shaft seal; optional packing for the special application


side suction horizontal installation for MD multistage ring section pump;

end suction horizontal installation for ME multistage ring section pump;

side suction vertical installation for MDV multistage ring section pump


the modular design of currency parts, high degree of universalization, reduce spare parts inventory


Performance Coverage

Multistage Ring Section Pump MD/ME/MDV -50Hz Performance Ranges

Multistage Ring Section Pump MD/ME/MDV -60Hz Performance Ranges

Multistage Ring Section Pump MD,ME,MDV -60Hz Performance Ranges.pdf

Multistage Ring Section Pump MD,ME,MDV -50Hz Performance Ranges.pdf

Materials of Construction

Parts Material Classes




Cast Steel, 12%Cr, 304SS, 316SS, 316LSS, Duplex 2205, Super Duplex 2507
Wear Ring PEEK, 304SS, 316SS, 316LSS, Duplex 2205, Super Duplex 2507
Shaft Stainless 420SS, Duplex 2205, Super Stainless 2507
Balance Drum Duplex 2205, Super Stainless 2507

What are the advantages of multistage centrifugal pump?

Low Comprehensive Cost

Raw material and bearing parts performance improvement, using high RPM(2P) design, so as to reduce the volum of the pump, at the same time increase the strength of rotor, on the premise of guarantee reliability, allows the user to low-cost construction and maintenance

Multi-industry Applications

Desalination of seawater and concentrated salt water reverse osmosis applications; Boiler feed water; High pressure water supply


Optional vibration and temperature alarm, can pridict the life of the equipment, avoid abnormal shutdown


Equipped with magnetic labyrinth seal, non-contact with shaft, no wear shaft, and reduce the probability of oil leakage. Equippen with bearing sleeve to avoid bearing damage while maintaining shaft seal

High Efficiency and Energy Saving

High efficiency and low operation and maintenance cost                                                                            

Case Applications


Horizontal multistage centrifugal pump:


The medium is free of impurities,

30m3/h, 420m, 2950RPM

inlet pressure is less than 6BAR. Inlet flange PN16RF, outlet flange PN63 concave FM. Top in and out.

Pump case material precision casting CF-8M (316SS), impeller material precision casting CF-8M (316SS); Shaft 2205DSS;

NSK bearings; Dilute oil lubrication;

Cartridge mechanical seals;

Marathon IE2 (China 3 Energy Efficiency) Motor, 380V/50HZ/3 Phase, IP55/F/B.

Flexible column pin coupling, steel structure base.

multistage ring section pump for SWROmultistage ring section pump for SWRO -2


Pump Type Pump Model Relative to the density of water



Inlet Pressure








horizontal multistage pump ME80X50-250X3/2P-55KW 1.03
normal <0.6
single stage centrifugal pump SE65-40-200/2P-11KW 1.03 normal <2 30 50 2
horizontal multistage pump MD50X32-250AX4/2P-37KW 1.03 normal <0.6 12 350 2
vertical multistage pump MDV32X32-125AX6/2P-5.5KW 1.03 normal <4 5
horizontal multistage pump MD80X50-250X6/2P-90KW 1.03 normal <0.6 34
450 2
horizontal multistage pump MD50X32-250AX10/2P-90KW 1.03 normal <0.6 20 700

vertical multistage pump for ZLD

 horizontal multistage pump for ZLD